Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Thursday, October 27th,  was Wayne's 61st Birthday.  We celebrated it on Monday at FHE so it was kind of just another day for him.

I love him so much.  It's hard to imagine my life without him in it.  We've been married for 38 years now and we've kind of grown up together.  I appreciate him for his many talents and for his ability to take care of things.  I'm so glad he brought me here to Trujillo Peru to serve our mission together.  It has been a great experience.  Wayne is a treasure and I'm so glad I can share my  life with him and our wonderful family.  We are so blessed.

We have a Kawai CN43 electronic piano just outside our apartment.  None of the pedals worked.  I googled it and Wayne went out and hooked up the cable that was disconnected.  He spent a while playing the piano and listening to the hymns and primary songs.  We even played name that tune. It was fun to just relax and share this fix it project together.

Nicole Bendezu is a great friend.  She works in the office at the temple. She does a good job speaking English, but Wayne has helped her learn a little too.  She's helped him learn some new words in Spanish,   When Wayne was here 40 years ago, her dad was serving his mission in Peru with Wayne
Wayne and Nicole have gotten to be great friends.  She made him this birthday card and gave him some treats.  It was so sweet of her .

Notice on the right edge, it says, "see you soon you big baboon"  Wayne taught Nicole this and "see ya later alligator."  It's just a fun thing they have a laugh at.   

The back of the card

This was the sign I put in the cheese cake I made for Wayne's birthday

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