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Trujillo Temple

We Love The Trujillo Temple!  

Trujillo Temple

I've put several pictures of the temple and the grounds on the blog.  Today I want to put some pictures of the inside of the temple.  I want to remember what it looks like inside.  
It is very beautiful.  

Recommend Desk

Inside the front door is the recommend desk. This is where members of the church show their recommends to enter the temple.  To the right, where the arch is, the hallway leads down to the clothing area, the baptistery, and the door to the tunnel to get back to our apartment.  The door to the left goes into the office.
There's a little green couch to the left and there's a waiting room and some chairs to the right. Wayne stands behind the desk.  I sit on a chair by the archway.   When people come,  I stand up to greet them. There's a flower arrangement on the left corner of the desk and on the right side, there's a plaque that reminds you to turn off your cell phone.  
After you pass the recommend desk, you go around the wall behind the desk and to the left.  As you walk down the hall, you see this picture of Christ with the Lamanite children.  
We love this picture!

When you get to this picture of Christ, the men turn left into their dressing room.  The women turn right and go down the hall past the chapel area, to their dressing room. 

The hallway from the men's dressing room to the women's dressing room.  The Chapel is in between.  
To the end of this hall is the men's dressing room.  The women's dressing room is to the right, by the big picture.  The door to the celestial room is to the left.

Seating area outside the session room and celestial room
The session room is to the left, the celestial room is to the right.   

Session room
The murals on the walls of the session room are scenes of Trujillo. There are some llamas, mountains, rainbow, rivers, birds, and a turtle.  When Wayne is the officiator a session, he sits in the chair to the left and I sit in the chair to the right.  
If you open the door, you will see the seating area in the previous picture.

Celestial Room   
The celestial room with a big chandelier is beautiful.  It has stained glass windows all around it and up above by the dome shaped ceiling. The ceiling has spots that look like stars twinkling.  It is beautiful!   In the daytime when the sun shines through the windows, 
it's almost like rays from Heaven.   

Brides Room   
Such a beautiful room for beautiful brides.  

Sealing Room
The sealing room is where a husband and wife can be sealed together for time and all eternity.  They join hands and kneel across the alter as they make covenants to each other and to our Heavenly Father.  Through the priesthood, the couple are sealed together for all eternity, if they are true and faithful.  There are mirrors on the walls across from the alter that reflect eternity as you look into them.  It is a beautiful room but the blessings promised are the most beautiful.   

The baptistery is beautiful and spacious.  I love the mural on the walls.  The youth of the church are baptized here for those who have passed on.

Little details
There are a lot of little details, significant to Trujillo, incorporated in the temple decor.  I like the door knobs and handles.  The trumpet flower on these handles, are a common flower seen around Trujillo. There are also little daisy flowers on the door knobs, light fixtures, chair arms, and even the lamps. 

We get to be inside this beautiful place Tuesday through Saturday.  We greet and assist members of the church as they come to do ordinances for themselves and for those who have died without the blessings promised in the temple.
We are so blessed to be serving as temple missionaries.  
We will always cherish our days spent in this beautiful temple. 
The House of the Lord!

Written by Jan   

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