Monday, October 31, 2016

Quintanillas * Mission Office * Halloween

 Sister Quintanilla invited us and the Hartmans to lunch this afternoon. She also invited  the Haros, and the Valdivias.  It was a farewell lunch for Bill and Sandy, since they will be going home in 3 weeks.
This is the Quintanilla's store, they own the whole building and live above on the 3rd floor. that's their cute VW parked in front. Bill Sandy and Wayne
Sandy took this one of Wayne looking at the stuff for sale

Bill and Sandy as we sat and visited.

Brother Quintanilla, Kira, and President Valdivia

Wayne and Brother Haro

Diego, Cecelia, and Wayne

Diego playing for us.  He is a great piano player. 

Sister Quintanilla fixed a traditional Peruvian meal.  In the olden days, they cooked it in the ground for a long time.  She did it a simpler way, it was very good.  We had several kinds of meat, beef, chicken, and pork with sweet potatoes, potatoes, jumbo corn on the cob, some really big beans in the pod and chicha to drink.  Sister Haro made an apple pie for dessert.  It was all very good.

President and Sister Valdivia.  It was his birthday, he is the Palermo stake president.

President and Sister Valdivia, George and Rachel Haro, Cecelia and Brother Quintanilla, Kira, Diego, and Samir

Bill took his tie off and gave it to Diego to take with him on his mission.  Diego will always remember his kindness. You can see the tie around Diego's neck.  Kira and Samir are both in their school uniforms, they just got home from school.

Sandy, Wayne, and Bill  

We had an enjoyable time visiting and laughing.  These three couples have been friends for a really long time and they've raised their families together.  They were all in the same ward years ago, but now they are all in different wards.  They all meet in the Palermo building and are in the Palermo stake.  President Valvidia is the stake president and Sister Quintanilla is the Stake Relief Society President.  The Haros have two sons serving missions right now, the youngest one Joel is in Aricuipa, he plays the piano with Diego, the piano boys.   The Quintanillas oldest son is serving a mission and will be home in February.  Diego will leave in March to serve. These wonderful families are stalwart members of the church and are faithful.  They are always serving others, today was a good example of that.  We are so blessed to be their friends.  We love them!

With lots of love, they gave Bill and Sandy this cute little nativity as a going away gift.  Sandy was really touched and will always remember these wonderful families.  

             After lunch we went to the mission office on our way home.

Elder Harrison and Elder Plazas were leaving as we arrived.

Elder Aranas, Elder Carmen, Elder Logan, and Elder Peek  They were working on something, trying to help someone.  They are such happy good missionaries.  It was fun to be there with them for a little bit.  The spirit they have is just awesome.  Elder Logan is getting transferred next week so he won't be in the office anymore.  Elder Peek is taking his place. 

I liked all of the suit coats hanging there together.  

Sister Sue Miller

Sister Sandy Miller

Sister Olsen, the mission nurse.  She goes home in February.

Bill has had a plugged ear so Sister Olsen flushed it out and gave him some pills to take.  We hope it works.

Sister Clay is Sister Olsen's companion.  

Sandy always likes to take pictures of different scenes.  She took these on our ride home.  They arte typical of stuff we see everyday.  Thanks for sharing these with us Sandy!

This one shows the coconuts on the right.  Bill was getting out his money to buy Chiclets from the boy selling them but Sandy thought he was going to buy one of the coconuts.  You'd have had to have been there, but it was funny.

Guys standing in the back of the delivery truck  they use people to unload stuff instead of machines.

Typical bicycle cart with fruit being sold.

People selling their goods on the street.

Our Jack o Lantern

We had a fun day!

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