Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pitillo Circo de Alegria

October 4, 2016

Circus in Peru!  We've seen the big circus tent by the mall for weeks now.  Last week we asked about it.  On Tuesday and Wednesday the tickets were 2 for the price of 1, so we decided to go Tuesday evening with the Hartmans.  We were told by people it would be a one man show, clown, jokes, and magic tricks. We were anxious and excited to go see it, but weren't expecting much.

 It wasn't the kind of circus they have in Utah.  There weren't any elephants, lions, trapeze acts, or horses.  We weren't expecting it to be very fancy, but were so surprised when it started.  It was very entertaining and we were all very surprised at how good it was!  Each act was great.  We laughed and clapped and clapped and laughed, our hands got sore from clapping.  It was amazing how much fun it was and we all enjoyed it. It was fantastic! For a while we forgot we were in Peru.

I took pictures and Sandy took most of these pictures, thanks Sandy for sharing.

Out ticket

Outside the tent

Sandy is taking a picture of me taking this picture of her.

We sat in the blue seats, they were 96 soles, because it was 2 for 1 night Wayne and I both got in for that price, which is about $28.80.   They were really good seats, actually they were perfect.  

I'm taking a picture of Sandy taking this picture of me.

Add Wayne and Bill at the entrance.  Pitillo Circo de La Alegria Peru
They are so excited!

A selfie before the show started

Selling snacks

The band

Let the circus begin!

He was dressed like an American Indian at first, then he did this flying like an eagle routine.  

Pitillo playing the violin in all kinds of poses

Pitillo playing the violin behind his back

These guys are from Africa.  They were amazing

The guys from Africa

The guys from Africa

Pitillo!  He  played all the wind instruments, even the tuba.

The girls from Mongolia with the hoola hoops part1

Hoola Hoop girls part 2

This was a fun act with Pitillo's and his trained dog.

The guys from Africa again

These two were amazing! They're from Mongolia and could bend in all directions.

The End!
This was really an incredible show.  Check out You Tube for the live acts.

Pitillo, Bill, and Wayne talking after the show.  

The lighted up tent.

 A great time was had by all!

Written by Jan

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