Monday, October 17, 2016

Zoo in Trujillo - Chili's for Lunch

Zoo in Trujillo

Today we went to the Zoo.  We went with Bill and Sandy to Huanchaco and had an eventful ride to the zoo.  After going up a rough, rocky, dirt road, we finally got there.  We didn't expect much since we knew they wouldn't have any lions, penguins, bear, elephants, or giraffes.

We really didn't expect much, but were surprised and we had a good time.  These are pictures of what we saw, birds, monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, a llama, condor, peacock, turtles, 5 point, ......

A swimming pool at the zoo?
The slides looked like they were made of concrete.  The water?

Condor far away
Close up condor

Deer in the shade


Two green birds with blue heads
Look at that face

 Iguanas and a turtle
Lots of Iguanas
Iguanas wondering why the turtle is in the food dish

Bill and Wayne
There were 4 of them in this pond

This snake was all curled up.  You can see his head.
White Beard Titi
They were cute
This was by the white beard guys.  
These little birds were bright green and there were a lot of them.
Green birds with blue heads  They looked like leaves on the tree. 

That's all of the animals. 
These next pictures were taken by the exit of the zoo as we left.

I like how you can see the mountain behind

Outside the zoo

Out the gate

Sandy with her pink umbrella taking a picture of me.  The wind blew her umbrella and broke it. Bill threw it out the window of the taxi as we drove down the street.  A mom along the road hurried and picked it up.  She'll probably fix it.    

We walked up the dirt road to find a taxi.  The following pictures were taken as we walked. We saw several people and greeted them, along the way.  It was something I'm so glad I was able to see.  These people live in such humble homes with such simple lives and they are happy.  

Sandy and Bill

These boys just got home from school

After we left the Zoo we went to the mall for lunch.  
The mall has new owners. The new name is Mall Plaza. 

We went to Chili's and had the Monday special, chicken fried chicken and a frozen lemonade.  It was very good and we enjoyed it.  Wayne wanted to go play Deal or No Deal, and Bill was all for it, so we played a game.  We ended up with the case that had 2 tickets.  

It's hilarious to play this game with Bill and Sandy.  They are a lot of fun! 

Wayne saving the spot to play

We saw Sister Gallardo from Argentina and Sister Farar from Arizona
They ate lunch at Mama's pizza, it's not in the mall but they said it's the best pizza.  We will have to try it sometime.  They were fun to talk to and had so much energy.  They are sweet sisters.

We saw Elder Messner and Elder Turner.  They ate lunch at McDonald's
We always enjoy talking to these young Elders.    

We went to Tottus as usual and got a few groceries.  
We a had a great adventure and a fun time.  It was great!

We've now been to the Zoo!

Written by Jan

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