Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Leaves * Duck Hunting * Andy's Deer

The weather here never changes much, so the leaves don't change colors and the air doesn't get cool,  there's no hunting and they don't have Halloween.

I received these pictures of the fall leaves in our yard from Tami.  We've missed fall all together.

Pretty Leaves

The playground and the treehouse

Our boys all went duck hunting on Saturday morning the first of October.  It looks like they had a good time.  I love these boys so much and I'm so glad they are friends and can do things like this together.  This makes me happy!

Andy got a deer!  The antler got shot, so it had a bullet hole in it.  When he drug the deer out, the antler broke off.  It  kind of ruined the antlers.   A few days later, Andy took Rocky, his dog, back to Mantua where he shot the deer.  He gave Rocky the scent of the antlers and Rocky went right to the broken antler.  Now Andy can put the antlers back together so you can tell how big they really are.  

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