Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday  October 10, 2016

Today is our day off.   We went to Chili's with Bill and Sandy for our usual Monday chicken fried chicken lunch.  Sandy and I went in and ordered our food while Bill and Wayne went to the ATM to get some money.  When they came back to Chili's, they brought these Elders with them to have lunch with us.  We bought their lunch, they were going to have pizza, but were happy to have chicken fired chicken.  We had a good time talking to them and feeling the spirit they have.  It was a great lunch.

Elders Garrison, Leon, Plazas, Jimenez, Chacon, and Harrison, he's only been in Peru for 3 weeks. 
A cool way to remember his name.
Pumpkins at Tottus!  Wayne bought one for me.

 We had FHE tonight in our apartment, because it's a little bigger and we can all sit around the table.  Bill and Sandy were in charge of the lesson.  It was about conference messages. Sandy gave us a mousse de limon and had us take a taste it, yum.  We wanted another taste, and then we wanted more.  She likened it to conference, we can't wait to hear our leaders of the church speak, after we hear one talk, we always want to hear more and the music is just a bonus.  It was good.  

We also played a matching game.  We matches a quote from the conference to the general authority that said it.  

After the lesson we played Bingo which was a lot of fun.  We all brought stuff for the bingo prizes.  Wayne got the funniest one, the candy apple and I got a Sublime and Fanta.  I wish I'd have taken some pictures of us playing and the prizes everybody got, but I didn't.  

Our prizes

We had three birthdays, Sister Coacalla, and Brother and Sister Guevara Castro. 
Birthday people

Bill and Sandy

We had a good lesson and a fun evening.  Bill and Sandy did a great job!
So this brings us to the end of another day in Trujillo.

Written by Jan

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