Sunday, October 9, 2016

Church in Porvenir

October 9, 2016

Today we went to Porvenir to church with Bill and Sandy Hartman. We were going to a stake conference, but when we got to the church, we found out it's next week.  Brother Cordova who works in the temple went with Wayne and me in a taxi to the church, Bill and Sandy followed us in a taxi.   It was up on the hill, we drove on narrow dirt roads.  I've wondered what it's like up on the hills north east of where we live, this satisfied my curiosity. These are pictures around the church.

Sandy in front of the church

This building is small but it was very nice and clean.  They didn't have a piano.  There was the chapel, a small stage in the back of the chapel, and about 8 class rooms.  It was fun to go in a few of the primary classes.  I could tell they had prepard and were doing a good job.

This YW in the wheelchair was the most friendly.  She kept saying , "hola hermana," and she was so happy.  I want to remember her.  


 The Bishop asked Wayne and Bill to speak for a few minutes.  It was nice to see and hear Wayne speaking in Spanish to these people.  It was pretty neat.

Elder ??? and Elder Hunt.  Elder Hunt is from Heyburn Idaho.  He's been serving for 11 month

    Elder Larrosa from ??? and Elder Sanchez from Lima

These next two ladies comes to the temple.  

We had the Taxi driver stop to get these last 4 pictures.  This is the country side I took the pictures from right to left.  In the middle you can see a cemetery. We were told it's a "poor man's cemetery."


We enjoyed our adventure in Porvenir! 

Written by Jan

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