Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Today was an interesting day at the temple. Pedro, our temple recorder is on vacation for two weeks, so Wayne is filling in as the recorder.  He is in the office instead of doing what he normally does.  I was one of the three women assigned to assist the new girls who come to the temple for their first time.  We had one sister, her name is Hermana Estrada.  She was sweet.  It was nice to help her.  After I helped with her and she was ready for the session, Wayne came and got me and said they needed my help in the laundry, so I went to help.  When I went in the door, Freddy and a sister ??? temple worker were trying to figure out how to thread a new Bernina serger and a Brother sewing machine.

Bernina 1150 MDA $1500.00

Brother xr6060 $229.00

I sat down, threaded the serger and got it working.  Sister ??? serged around a dress she was trying to hem, while I figured out how to make the Brother machine do a blind hem, the book was in Spanish, so it wasn't any help, but I figured it out anyway.  I helped them get all of the dresses that need to be fixed serged and hemmed and I left to go home at 2:30 pm.  It made me feel so good to help.  I love sewing and it's been a while, so I enjoyed it. It was something different.

Sandy and I were able to teach Sister Casos, Diaz, and Cocalla how to rotate in initiatory, something we've tried to do for over a year.  Some things do change here.

It was a good day!

Written by Jan

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