Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Bird - Early Birthday - FHE

We have this really pretty yellow breasted bird that likes to peck at our window early every morning.  It pecks on Bill and Sandy's window too.  Wayne found out it's a Saffron Crested Tryant-Manakin, native to the northern parts of South America. We figured out he's seeing his reflection on our window and thinks it's another bird.  He's trying to keep his territory. 

Early Monday morning, Bill and Sandy brought a present to Wayne for his birthday.  Bill was so excited to give this to Wayne.  It was wrapped in birthday paper and everything.  This has been a joke between us for a long time. It was funny. 

Brother and Sister Gomez brought Wayne some Papa a la Huancaina 
We went to Chili's for our Monday lunch special.  We always enjoy that.

These two came in Chili's while we were eating.  Wayne and Bill payed for their lunch.  They were happy about that.  Elder Turner and Elder  Messner, his father is from Africa, he had grandparents that live in Africa. Elder Messner is from Washington State. These are great Elders and we love seeing them.  We see them almost every Monday at the mall.

Pres and Sister Casos, Wayne in the back, Brother and Sister Gomez Brother and Sister Guevara Castro singing to Wayne

Brother and Sister Guevara Castro, Brother and Sister Guevara Megan, and Bill
Sandy, Brother and Sister Coacalla

Wayne blowing out his candles.
Sandy took this picture, I think it's cool that you can see the smoke from the candles.

We had a fun FHE.  President Coacalla did a short lesson and then we played a pass the potato game.  If you got caught with the potato, you drew a paper asking a question, a riddle.  
Wayne has a way of making things like silly games fun!  Sandy brought the ice cream and I made a chocolate cake.  Sister Coacalla brought some tamales.  We had a fun time, 

Written by Jan

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