Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chan Chan Primary Presentation

October 16, 2016

Today we went to the Chan Chan ward for Sacrament meeting.  The Primary did their presentation and we wanted to be here for that. Brother ans Sister Zamora live in this ward and their daughter is the primary president.
They were waiting by the door when we got there
This is the door to where the church is
Wayne inside, you can see the door to the church, the chapel is upstairs
Looking out the wood doors

Bulletin Board

Bishop's Office

Clerk's Office

Sociedad de Socorro
Thje Relief Society Room

Inside the Relief Society Room
The primary children did a really nice job.  They had their parts memorized and they knew the songs and sang like angels.  It was just good.  You can see the flowers on the pulpit, they have red, yellow, and blue roses in them, the primary colors. The part that touched me the most was when they sang, The Armies of Heleman.  They are a small army singing their testimonies.  In a few years when they are grown up, they will be great missionaries and leaders of the church in Trujillo.  The church will be strong.

The primary kids after the program

Nursery kids

Primary Kids

Primary Kids

Brother and Sister Zamora, their daughter and two of their grand daughters.  Their daughter is the Primary President.

Sister Zamora's daughters husband and her little girl.  She did not want her picture taken.  Her dad was very sweet with her

Brother and Sister Zamora, their daughter and her family and us.

Elder Maddocks and Elder Latimer

Sister Mujica and Sister Tyacke she's from Orem

Elder Reyes and Elder Babbel

Sandy, Cynthia, and Me
These two work in the temple. Antony Apolinario and his fiance Cynthia Garcia.  They are good kids.

Wayne, President Rabinal, the stake president, and Bill

Bill and Wayne are standing in the safe zone.

Sandy, Cynthia Garcia, and me
Me and Sandy with the Vegas

Sister Vega and her son, Aman.  He played the violin with the Primary as they sang.  It was beautiful.

We had a wonderful time at this ward.  There are many wonderful members of the church in this ward.  We see many of them at the temple, it would be nice to have pictures of them all, but that seems like too big of a task.  We are so blessed to be associated with them and once again realize the amazing people here in Trujillo. 

And of course, a parade.  Not sure what it was all about but Sandy was able to get these pictures as we drove by it on our way home.

When we got home, we took these pictures of each other.

Bill and Sandy
President Casos wanted pictures of him with Bill and Wayne.  Bill served here 50 years ago with President Casos as young missionaries. Wayne served here 40 years ago with President Casos as he was in the mission presidency.  President Casos wants to send the pictures and an article for the Church News.  These are some of the pictures we took.

This one was really taken a few weeks earlier but it was too close to the temple. I like it because you can see the men's faces.

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