Sunday, October 30, 2016

Primary Program Barrio America and Palermo Stake Family History Night

Last night, the Palermo stake had their annual family history activity.  We went to it last year, but we were working in the temple so we weren't able to go this year.

This morning we went to the Palermo church to listen to the America ward Primary program.  When we went inside the church, some of the displays from the family history activity were still up. They show the history of the church and it's leaders in Trujillo.  Wayne was a little bit of that history.

The Malcas

Juan and Emma Alva

Juan Alva

Juan and Emma Alva are on the right edge.

Maximo Guerrero is the man in the right side by the green.  He was here when Wayne was here 40 years ago.  Wayne has been trying to find him since we got here but hasn't yet.  There are a lot of people who knew him but none know where he is.  

Maximo Guerrero

Maximo on the right and Jaun Alva is the one without the tie.


The church several years ago.  according to Juan Alva, the trees look so good because they're watered with holy water

The America Ward and The Primary Program 

The bulletin board with pictures of all the kids in the primary.

  It's always fun to see the kids do their parts and we love listening to the Primary songs they've learned all year.

The primary president

 The kids did a good job! We can't forget the the piano player.

Juan Alva today, he's 94 years old.  The little girl is his cousin's grand daughter.  She was a cutie and went around giving hugs to the members of the ward before it started.  i think she's the primary president's daughter.

Brother and Sister Zavaleta, and I don't now the other sister's name.  These three work in the temple.

Elder Elliott  from Plain City and Elder Flores from Lima.  they are the missionaries in the ward.

 We enjoyed the meeting, seeing the displayand greeting the wonderful people of this ward.

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