Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tirado Temple Session - Some Thoughts

Special Temple Session with the Tirado Family

Last week, on the 12th in Utah, Boris Miguel Tirado and Jessica Sanders got married in the Salt Lake Temple.  Miguel is the son of our friends, Rosanna and Boris Tirado.  We got acquainted with them when at FHE with the Quintanilla family.  We later became better friends with Siter Tirado and her mom, Sister Leon as they worked in the temple with us.  

Today we had a very good session in the temple.  Brother Tirado and his wife came to the session with their son and his new wife and her parents.  Several of the Tierado and Leon family members also joined them as they all did a session together.  

It was so neat to feel the love this new family and extended family shared for each other.  It was fun for us to get to know Brother and Sister Sanders.  They are from California and he woks for Otis elevators.  they speak only English so I was able to help Sister Sanders with the ordinances in English.  Jessica, had served a mission in Argentina and that's where Miguel served too.  They didn't really know each other then but later they were both at school, I think Utah Business College and they met at a young adult activity.  It's convenient that she speaks Spanish, and Miguel learned to speak really good English while on his mission.  Another fun fact is that Sister Sanders mother was Peruvian and many years ago in Salt Lake, she was able to help translate the temple film into Spanish.  It was just really fun to be a part of this special night for these families.  We were very honored to be able to assist in the session.  Tomorrow night we will be going to the Palermo church to the wedding reception of Boris and Jessica.  We are wondering what a Peruvian wedding will be like.  I'll let you know tomorrow.  

These are some funny pictures Wayne took.  

I have had a pinched nerve or strained muscle in my shoulder and back for over a week now.  Kind of like a stiff neck.  It's getting a little bit better but it still really bothers me.  Tonight after we got home from the temple and had something to eat, Wayne got this wonderful picture of me.  Is it any wonder I have a pain in my neck and back!  Silly me.   

This tower was put up while we've been here.  We see it outside our window every time we look outside.  It is slowly twisting.  We are sure that one day it will crumple and fall down.  We'll let you know when that happens.

Some thoughts ......

I'm so glad every single day, that Wayne and I are here serving our temple mission.   It is hard to be away from our kids, grand kids, family and friends.  We love them all so much, but it has really been nice to be able to focus on serving in the temple and sharing this time together with Wayne.  We have made memories and grown closer together as we've served many here, that we now love so much.  We have been blessed in ways we don't even know and our family has been blessed too.  Heavenly Father loves us all and wants us to be happy and follow the path he's given us to return to his presence someday.   I appreciate this love and feel it all around me!  I am a child of God and so are all of you.  He loves us and wants us all to come home to him someday.   

Much Love!

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