Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Diego Quintanilla * Sisters Bostos and Rodriguez

Diego Quintinilla 

Today at the temple, we were happy to see the Quintanilla's come in the doors with Diego.  Diego received his endowment this morning as he prepares for his mission.  He will be serving in Huancayo Peru and will be going to the CCM in Lima on the 2nd of May.  Wayne was able to officiate the session and I was a follower.  It was so nice to be ale to share this event with this family who have welcomed us in as their own.  We love these guys so much and are so happy for Diego and his new adventure as a missionary.  they're having a get together on May 1st and they invited us to it, so there will be more about this in a future post.

When we went to eat lunch, they were eating lunch too.  
I'm so glad we were able to get this picture today.

Me - Brother Quintanilla - Diego - Sister Quintinila - Brother Meza, his bishop and uncle - Wayne

Diego -  He's one of the piano guys.  We love listening to him play the piano.  

Diego and his mom Cecilia

Sisters Bostos and Rodriguez

These two sisters were eating lunch too today.  They are the Tuesday morning coordinators.  
I sure love these two.  

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