Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Beauty and The Beast

This afternoon when we got through at the temple, We decided to go the the Real Plaza to see the movie Beauty and the Beast.  We knew it would be in Spanish.  Wayne can understand, but I knew the story, so we decided to venture out and were excited for a change. 

These are some pictures I took along the way.  It was amazing the torn up streets and all the dust and dirt that is every where. 

We were stopped at a light when I took this one.  The piles of mud and everything is dusty.  You can see the flower to the right of the picture.  It was covered with dust.  

I zoomed in.  Too much dust

The theater is really nice.  We get the Prime tickets which let us watch the movie in the theater with the leather recliners.  They have waiters who come and take your order for snacks right at you seat then bring you back what you ordered.  We got a big popcorn and 7-Up to drink. 


We arrived early so we had time to relax as we waited to enter the theater.  It was a perfect time to take some pictures too.  

It was so nice to be together and forgetting about everything as we watched this wonderful movie in Spanish.  It was perfect.  We enjoyed It!  The songs were all in Spanish even the big choruses.  it was jsut really good.  At one point Wayne leaned over to me and said, "can you believe we're in Peru?"

In our seats ready for the show. 

As we left and went sown the escalator, we couldn't believe hoe crowded it was. 


I went back up to the top and took these pictures from above the food court.   

Where's Wayne?

We walked around the arcade area and saw some kids playing arcades, riding rides and having fun.  there wasn't a Deal or No Deal.   

We saw this little shop for girls, Happy Divas, I'm not sure what that means.  It was closed, but it looked like the girls could get a princess make over, including getting their hair done, having their nails done, and dressing  up to be princesses.  I think our grand daughters would like that.  Pretty fun!   

This was an up and down ride that went around in a circle.

Bumper Cars 

We enjoyed the night out.  It is always fun to be with Wayne!

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