Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lunch - Missionaries - FHE - Nora, Crew and McKenzie's Birthdays

Monday Lunch at Chili's * Missionaries * FHE
Nora's Birthday * Crew's Birthday * McKenzie's Birthday

Monday as usual, we went to Chili's for lunch.  The woods came with us to check out the lunch special.  We all enjoyed it.  

Elders Morote - Nunez - Peek - Moore - Babbel
Just as we were finishing lunch, these office Elders came walking in Chili's.  They came for the lunch special too.  There is just something so special about the young missionaries, it was fun to see them.
Monday night we had FHE.  We welcomed the Woods, and the Coacalla's did the lesson.  We had  some yummy stuff to eat after.   


The 25th was Nora's Birthday
Happy 1st Birthday Nora!
We Love You!!

Yesterday the 27th was Crew's Birthday
Happy 4th Birthday Crew!
We Love You!

Today, the 29th was McKenzie's Birthday
Happy Birthday McKenzie!
We Love You!

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