Saturday, April 15, 2017

Peter - Happy Birthday Sarah - Wedding - Family History

Peter the Carpenter

We have some sad news about our Nova Scotia friends, Peter and Debbie Ripple.  They will be going home early.  The people who rented their house bought a house of their own and will be moving out in May.  The rRipples can't rent it to anyone else because of insurance issues, and really can't afford to leave it empty, so they will be going home May 15th.  They will have served 6 months.  Until then, we're going to enjoy having them here.  We will miss them.

Here is my 3 cylinder, 1989 Suzuki Truck, winter of 2015.  Much snow that winter.

The mission office had a few chairs that needed to be fixed.  Brother Ripple is a carpenter, they asked him to fix them.  Wayne caught these pictures of him working on the project downstairs in the mechanics work area.  

Peter made this sign for us.  It really means a lot for him to share this with us.  He wrote this on the back.  "For Wayne and Jan Haws, from the Crazy Canadians. With Love, Peter and Debbie Ripple -   wood is birds eye maple from Nova Scotia, diamonds are Amarillo from Ecuador. "  We will hang this above our door and will always remember them!

"Go with God"

The 14th was Sarah's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sarah !
We Love You!

Anthony and Cynthia were married and sealed on Saturday the 15th  I made them a quilt for their gift.  They seemed to like it.  

Family History

Everyday we're at the temple, we are doing temple ordinances for people who have died and weren't able top do the work while they were living.  Natalie and Wayne worked together to get these names printed on the Haws side of the family.  It's always a special spirit when we're able to do the ordinances for people from our family tree.  

We had three groups of missionaries who came to the temple.  Wayne gave them all one of our family names.  I was able to be a follower in one of the sessions.  The session was very full with 54 people.  We had to bring in all the extra chairs and barely had enough for everyone.  As I stood in the front as the session started,k I got a little emotional as I realized that almost all of the names being done in the session were from these family names.  I couldn't help but think that there was one big happy group of family members in heaven so happy for what we did that day.  It was a tender moment for me. 

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