Sunday, April 9, 2017

Central Stake Conference

Central Stake Conference

We really enjoy going to stake conferences. There are always so many members we know that either work at the temple or attend the temple.  We have 
become like part of their stake.  It is so good to feel welcome and that we are a part of their stake.  We love the many people in this stake.  

We rode to the California chapel with Guevara Megan.  I took a few pictures on the way.  

We arrived early and were happy to see Carlos Rodriguez and his family.  Carlos is one of our good friends.  He's the assistant recorder in the temple and has been so good to us.  He helps Wayne with Spanish and Wayne helps him with English.  He's just very nice to me and he's just our good friend.  

This is just a picture of the congregation as the meeting was over.

Wayne is talking to Diego and his wife.  Diego is the temple engineer.  He just found our a week ago that he had MS.  It's been hard for them, he's just too young.  He seems to be doing alright.  It was nice to see him at the meeting.  

Ammon Vega, Diego's Mom and Dad, Sister Vega

We rode home from the conference with President and Sister Casos and the Guevara Megans.  

President Casos drove by the house they lived in many years ago.

I took these pictures as we rode home, you can see dome of the cleaning up from the Huayco

We had a good day and enjoyed being with the members of the church in the Central stake.  As we sat in the conference, Wayne and I both commented on the many people who are our friends in this stake.  We don't know as many members of our own stake in Hooper.  We are so blessed to be able to spent this time together and to be able to love so many wonderful people.  We re really going to miss them when we go home.  I'm so happy Wayne bought me here with him to serve a mission.  

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