Wednesday, April 5, 2017

More Missionaries


More Missionaries

This evening we had more missionaries come to shower.  No clothes washing, just the wet towels.  It is so fun to see these kids.  They all have such a wonderful spirit about them and it's just fun to be around them.  
I made more cookies and Sister Ripple made some cookies.  The missionaries always enjoy the cookies we make.  

Sister Delgado - Sister Hardcastle - Sister Zavala - Sister O'brien

Elder Angulo - Elder Latimer - Elder Palomino - Elder Thompson

Elder Bejarno - Elder Salas

Elder Miesner - Elder Rosas

Elder Vasco - Elder Maddocks

Elder Vassau - Elder Bedregal

Elder Vassau - Elder Bedregal - Elder Maddocks - Elder Vasco


On Wednesday morning, Elder Logan came and got a bunch of water for his zone.  We were able to help them get their containers filled and secure for the ride to their zone.

Elder Rios and Elder Logan with someone from their area getting more water.

It was so pretty while I was outside, I had to take a picture of our beautiful temple.

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