Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lunch with Jaun and Emma Alva

Lunch with Jaun and Emma Alva
Sunday afternoon 4/23/2017

Last Monday while were were at the grocery store, we met Brother Alva's niece.  She told us Juan had been in the hospital for several days and was having a hard time.  When we got home Wayne made some phone calls and finally talked to Sister Alva.  He told her we wanted to visit them and she invited us for lunch.  We were happy to go see them.  

In March when we were home in Utah, I made the Alva's a quilt.  I wanted to do something nice for them because they've been so good to us.  We weren't going to give it to them until we leave to go home, but Wayne wanted to give it to them now, thinking Brother Alva might enjoy it now while he hasn't been feeling very well.  They loved it and were grateful for it.   I made them some chocolate chip cookies too. 

Sister Alva gave me a set of Napkins she's made.  They were just like the ones we use when we go to eat with them, so it will be a wonderful keepsake and will always remind us of them.  

Brother Alva's birthday is May 27th  He will be 97 years old.   He is a wonderful man and I know how much Wayne loves him.  They will always be great friends!  Sister Alva use to cook for Wayne when he was a young missionary.  She always prepares something delicious for us.  We love visiting them and enjoyed our visit.  Juan and Emma will always have a special place in our hearts.  We love them.  Rosemary, their youngest daughter and Diana, their grand daughter were there too, I didn't get their pictures.  

These are some of the pictures I took on the drive home.  

On the way home, we pass through the Mayorista, I didn't spell that right.  
This is where people sells their goods.  There are people selling everything.   

Bicycle carts parked on the island in the street.  They unloaded these carts on the sidewalk and parked the carts here. 

Did you ever see such big pots and pans??

Vendors selling stuff across the street

I love going down these streets.  I always want to walk along and see what is being sold.  Wayne on the other hand is happy to stay away from it.  He lived this for two years 40 years ago and it is kind of still hard for him to see how poor some of these people are.  It amazes me that they can all be selling so much stuff.  I wonder who buys it all and how they know where to find what it is they might need.  It is pretty amazing to me.   This is a part of Trujillo I hope I never forget.  It makes me be humbled and grateful for the life I have always know at home in Hooper. 

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