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Christmas? - New Sandwich Shop - Truck Arriving - Missionaries - Smiley and Luz

April 6th 
Merry Christmas!

Today we got this Christmas card from Trudy and Craig.   I wonder where it's been for all these months.  Thanks Trudy and Craig!

This morning the missionaries came early to shower.  While I was waiting for them, i took pictures of the pictures down by the distribution center.  they are beautiful pictures.   

The Ten Virgins

Mary and Martha

These Elders came to shower at about 8:30 am.  

Elders Bendregal - Elder Vasco - Elder Maddocks - Elder Vassau

We see this going on outside.  Wayne wanted a picture to document that they really do mop the sidewalks.  Kind of funny.  

And washing the garbage cans.  This is why the temple grounds are so beautiful. 

Friday got Lasagna at Pizza Hut for lunch , I got a small pizza.  It makes for good left overs.  We enjoyed it.

Usually on Saturday the line for lunch in the Comedor is really long and it gets pretty crowded.  So we decided to go have lunch at the mall.  
La Lucha Sangucheria Criolla 
This the new sandwich shop that opened up in the mall.  We took some pictures and posted those  on Mrch 27th.  We decided to try it out for lunch.  We shared the La Lucha sandwich and it was delicious.  They slow roast all of the meat for hours.  The sandwich had thinly sliced beef with caramelized onions and sauce on a roll that was hard on the outside but very fresh on the inside.  We could have added all the different sandwich topping, but we kept it simple.   Delicious!  We got a mango smoothie too which wasn't the greatest.

Wayne ordering

It tasted really good.

As we left the mall, it was really nice to see a lot of semi trucks lined up around the mall by Sodimac.  It looks like the trucks are finally getting through the washed out bridges and rough roads since the Huayco, with supplies.  It was kind of neat to see so many trucks waiting to unload.  

That evening, the missionaries came again to shower.  They brought their empty water bottles and I filled them while they showered.  These Elders are in the Espreanza zone.  Elder Logan is their zone leader.  I didn't make any cookies for them this time, but I did give them some vanilla Oreos and they enjoyed them just as much.

Sorry no names.

Elder Logan was handing out face masks to the Elders so they could wear them to keep the dust out of their noses and lungs.   They all got some safety glasses too.   

Sorry no names, I didn't take pictures of their name badges. 

The sister missionaries were the last one to arrive.  They thought they were just filling up their water bottles, and didn't know they were showering.  I loaned them my Pantene shampoo, and gave them all an extra towel for their hair.  It was nice to be able to help.  

Sisters Delgado - Hardcastle - Zavaleta - O'brien

Brother and Sister Guevara were watching the desk of the Hospedaje and they came to see the missionaries.  They will be completing their mission and leaving to go home on Tuesday, so I was glad to get a good picture of them  We affectionately call them Smiley and Luiz.

It was a great week.  The days keep going by quickly.  Before long we too will be going home, but for now, we are quite content to be doing the things we are doing.  

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