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Tirado & Sanders Wedding

Tirado  &  Sanders Wedding

Tonight we went to the 3rd wedding reception for Boris Tirado and Jessica Tirado.  They got married on the 12th in the Salt Lake Temple, had a celebration that night, then went to California for a celebration on the 15th and to Peru for a celebration tonight.  The previous post I explained a little more about how we know them.  The invitation said the celebration would be at 7:00 pm.  President and Sister Casos were invited too so we rode with them.


Things in Peru rarely start on time.  On the way to the celebration, Sister Casos explained how the last wedding she went to should have started at 7:00 pm but it didn't actually start until 9:00 pm.  When we arrived at the church, the gate to the parking lot was locked.  Wayne went inside to see if he could find someone to open the gate, but Brother Quintanilla  was the only one there getting sound set up and he didn't have a key.  We waited in the car and it got to be 8:00 and still no one showed up.  Finally about 8:30 Sister Quintanilla and Kira arrived, she said she'd get a key.  She couldn't find anyone with a  key either.  At about 8:45 pm they got the gate opened, we parked and went inside. It was decorated beautifully.  It looked like a wedding party! 

Adriano is 3 years old.  He is Brother and Sister Tirado's grandson.  He looked so cute all dressed up.  

Adriano with his mom.

Adriano escorted the bride and groom in to start the celebration.

Boris and Rosanna Tirado - Boris and Jessica Tirado - Jeffrey and ???Stacey Sanders

After the Bride and Groom danced, they did the usual dances including the daddy daughter dance and groom mother dance.  Brother Quintanilla was the Master of Ceremony and they had a little program.  Jessica sang a song to Boris, with her dad accompanying.  And of the moms and dads each spoke for a few minutes.  They asked Wayne to interrupt the English to Spanish when Jessica's parents spoke.  That was kind of neat and he did a great job.  Sorry no picture, Wayne had the camera in his pocket on the stage.

They served us a lovely meal with a chicken breast, heart shaped rice, puree potatoes, and applesauce with chicha morada to drink.. The food was very good.  

After the meal, they took pictures of Jessica and Boris with each of the tables and we all danced.  Yes! I said WE!

Wayne and I have never ever really danced.  We've just never been much into dancing, but Wayne took me by the hand and we danced for a few minutes.  He twirled me and turned me and even dipped me, when he did that the crowd cheered.  It was kind of fun.  A little later,  he took me out to dance again because he wanted to have a video of it which he got, but it wasn't nearly like the first dance.  I don't know how to put videos on here so sorry you'll just have to imagine. 

The older sister of Boris and her husband.

Brother and Sister Quintanilla with President Valdivia behind

President and Sister Valdivia

Brother and Sister Haro

Brother and Sister Luperde 

Sister Tierado's sister and her husband

The group dancing

Brother and Sister Leon - Grandpa and Grandma to Boris

We sat by President and Sister Casos.

Most of the people on this table were related to Brother and Sister Valasquez who are on the left.

Wayne - Jan - Diego - Kira - Samir - Jeffrey - Brother and Sister Quintanilla
Boris and Jessica behind

Boris and Jessica with the Quintanilla brothers
Samir - Jeffrey - Boris - Jessica - Diego
Wayne and Jan with the Bride and Groom!

It was such a fun night.  We knew a lot of the people at the party and we really had a good time.  We left around 11:59 pm.

*** FYI ***

Wayne said this is the second wedding he attended in Peru and they were both in this same chapel.  the first one was for Berta Briones and Sergio Bendizu 40 years ago.  It wasn't as fancy at this reception.  

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