Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday - FHE - Farewell to Guevara Megan

Unusual Monday

Monday we went to the mall for our weekly lunch.  We entered the mall in a different place,  so we saw some stores we haven't seen before.  I was surprised to see a Payless Shoes.  

We took this picture because the name of the store is French and we thought  it would be fun for Zack and Abby because they know a little French.  

We wanted to eat lunch at Chili's but they had problems with their cooking equipment.  They first told us 1:00 then 2:00 we got tired of waiting so we ended up eating Lasagna and pizza at Pizza Hut.  About 15 minutes after we ordered our food at Pizza hut, Chili's opened.  These missionaries came to eat at Pizza Hut too, but right after they ordered Chili's opened up so they canceled their order at Pizza Hut and they went to Chili's.  After we finished eating we went to see them. 

Sorry I can't remember their names.  Oops!

As we were leaving we saw these two missionaries just arriving.  Not sure where they went to eat.    

Elder Hunt - Elder Valero

We went to the Deal of No Deal game in the arcade for old time sake,  we've been missing Bill and Sandy.  They went home last November and our Monday lunches just haven't been the same, Deal or No Deal.  

Family Home Evening
Farewell to Guevara Megan

We had family home evening in the Casos apartment.  It was also a farewell to Elder and Sister Guevara Megan.  

I didn't get a picture of the Ripples because Sister Ripple hasn't been feeling very well.  

Guevara Castro did the lesson and we had a nice meal.  Sister Casos made a meat loaf, she asked me to make creamy potatoes and everybody else brought food to make a delicious meal.  We are so blessed to be serving with these great missionaries.  We will miss "Smiley" and Luz, they have added to the adventure of serving as missionaries.  

We saw the full moon as it came in and out of the clouds.  Such a wonderful night.  

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