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Missionaries Missionaries and More Missionaries 
General Conference

Since we were in Utah when the flooding and huayco happened in Trujillo and other parts of Peru, we really couldn't believe it and kept wondering if this could really be happening because we haven't seen it really rain much in the 18 months we've been here.  As we watched videos and news reports, we could see this was serious and we prayed for our friends in Peru.  We wondered if we would be able to get back and thought we might have to stay in Utah for an extra week.  We came back as we;d planned.  On the 15 minute ride from the airport to the temple, it was sad to see the mess and terrible conditions the huayco left behind.  As we arrived at the temple, it was glowing and beautiful!  The feeling of safety and peace was felt as we entered the temple grounds, a sweet feeling that was so appreciated. 

With all the flooding from the huayco, it has been interesting for me to be protected from the issues and challenges the members and others are having because of the flooding.  Wayne went to help take water to some of the missionaries who had been without water for several days in Esperanza.  He was able to see the destruction and trouble the huayco had caused.  Many people were affected.  I have only been from the temple grounds to the mall.  I keep wanting to go see what's going on in all of the different areas of Trujillo, but Wayne said we need to stay close to the temple.  Most of the temple workers are back helping at the temple. Our sessions don't have very many people in them.  It is still hard for people to get around and feel like life is normal when many still don't have electricity and water.  I haven't really seen anything except between the temple and the mall.  

Some of the missionaries in the hard hit areas haven't had running water since the first of March.  The area of Milagro and Esperanza are in bad shape.  These areas are the sandy hills, when the rains fell and the water rose, many homes washed away.  Just like the primary song, "The Wise man and the Foolish Man."  It is sad.  The missionaries in the Casa Grande zone have been out of their area, living with members and other missionaries.  Some of these missionaries came to our building Friday night to use the showers we have here in our building.  Wayne made arrangements for towels and soap so they can have a shower to get clean.  I made cookies and brownies for them.  We are do happy to help in any little way we can.    

Elder Miesnner and Rosas eating lunch before they go out to do service.

Two Sisters came later in the evening last night to shower.  It was about 8:00 pm, I asked if they'd be safe getting home so late and they said they would be, but they still had to get dinner before they got home.  I made them a tuna fish sandwich, dill pickle, Chex Mix, a brownie, gave them each a hug and sent them on their way.  It was a good day.

The missionaries from Casa Grande have two sets of clothes.  They were evacuated from their area and were only able to take a change of clothes as they hurried to leave their area. This makes it kind of hard for them beause they've been living with members and other missionaries who don't have water and they've been doing service and helping many people clean up the mud and water, they get pretty dirty.  When they came to shower, Sister Bentley brought the clean clothes for them to wear after they showered.  I washed the dirty clothes they took off and the towels, folded them and got them ready so when they came back tomorrow night to shower, they have clean clothes to wear as they go to do service again.  We aren't sure how long this will go on , but it is so nice to be able to help in some small way.  I like having a treat for the missionaries too.  I made them Chocolate Chip cookies and brownies this time.   

Clean work clothes

Clean towels

Saturday morning three Elders came to shower, Elder Maddocks, Elder Rosas, Elder Plazas.  Why didn't I take a picture?  They are from the Milagro area.  Wayne helped them get towels and showed them where to go.  They asked him if he knew of anyplace close they could get breakfast.  Wayne asked me and we decided to make breakfast for them,  We had scrambled eggs and pancake, juice and yogurt.  Pancakes with syrup is something the Peruvian missionaries hadn't had before, but Elder Maddocks had and it kind of made him think of home and the USA.  It was nice to visit with them.  They said they helped distribute a dump truck of hygiene kits the church sent for the people.  The people were so happy to get them.  It was nice to be able to share breakfast with them, I guess every little act of kindness helps.  

* * * * *
General Conference 

We listened to General Conference today!  It is so nice to listen to such great talked.  I enjoyed them all and the music was great.  We are so blessed!  Sad bo see President Monson so feeble, but grateful to hear his short but sweet messages.  he announced 5 new temples.  Brasilia, Brazil; Manila, Philippines; Nairobi, Kenya; Pocatello, Idaho; and Saratoga Springs, Utah.

Saturday night as the sun was setting, Wayne and I went for a walk outside.  There was a beautiful rainbow over the temple.   Pictures don't do it justice but it was pretty.  A sprinkle of rain fell as the sun set.  


Rainbow above the temple

Some fun pictures that evening!

Sunday we watched General Conference.  It was a great conference and we enjoyed the messages.  I especially enjoyed hearing President Monson's short talk about the power of the Book of  Mormon.  We have been reading the B of M.  I know we will be blessed.

President Monson is getting kind of feeble so it was nice he could be in there and it was good to see and hear him. 

Sunday night after General Conference was over, the missionaries came again to shower.  We were ready with clean towels and cookies. 

Displaying IMG_7590.JPG

Once again I washed the clothes the missionaries took off and they put on the clean clothes.  I was able to get all the dirty clothes washed and folded for them to take home with the.  This is the last time we will need to do the laundry while they shower, the Casa Grande Zone is going back to their area tomorrow.  

Life is good!

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