Monday, April 3, 2017


April 3, 2017 

Today we saw this going on outside.  The water running on the sidewalks from the sprinklers made them discolored, so right before the temple opened back up, they painted the sidewalks.    They look like new again, but now they are trying to keep them from getting colored again.  They made these wood shields they put around the grass so the tires and the green from the grass don't mark the cement. It's funny to watch them move them around as they mow.   

We went to Makro this morning with the Ripples.  It was the first time I've been out beyond the mall.  We were about 5 minutes north of the temple.  There were a lot of trucks with water loaded on the beds.  These are the trucks they take to the different areas that don't have water.  

This truck was parked by Makro

These people were waiting for the water to get to them.  

Another one of the people waiting for water

There are still a lot of sand bags everywhere.  They want to be prepared. 

The views on the way home.  Looking like things are improving a little.

The next pixtures I took as we were stopped at the light facing the mall to turn north onto Mancechie,  

We rode home in a van with Peter and Debbie.  We bought a lot of stuff!

We rode in a taxi to go to the mall for lunch.  The next two pictures are of the traffic in front of the mall.   Many people wear masks because there's so much dust.  

We walked home from the mall and saw these kids playing on the sidewalk.  

We enjoyed the day !

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